Skyclad Gauls & Numidian Mercenaries Ride Into SPQR

August 19, 2019 by brennon

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Thundering down from the hills and ambushing your Roman warband as it makes its way through the woodlands of Europe are some new Gauls from Warlord Games. Cast in their new resin material they are a good option for those looking to build up an SPQR warband. We start with the most likely NSFW Skyclad Gauls!

Skyclad Warriors - Warlord Games

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Wearing no armour save, believing that faith and raw savagery would protect them, they were an unnerving sight for the Romans to face on the battlefield. The only armoured option they may take is a shield but apart from that, they are left 'skyclad', ready to either die or butcher their way through their shocked enemies.

You get enough in this set to maybe make it the core of your warband but you might need some additional support too. With that in mind Warlord is also working on a release of Tribesmen Archers...

Tribesmen Archers - Warlord Games

...and also some warriors armed with Javelins too, giving you some options when it comes to ranged combat.

Tribesmen With Javelins - Warlord Games

I do think it would be a good idea to use some screening forces to protect those Skyclad Warriors as they charge in. Use the javelins and arrows to protect them, picking off a few of their foes as they rush forward, then letting the warriors hammer into them like a battering ram.

The key difference between these wild warriors and the men of Rome, however, was their training. Whilst each Gallic warrior might be good in their own right, a mighty champion and fierce swordsman, the Romans knew how to work together and it was this discipline which broke the back of many a barbarian army.

There is also this cool set which I really like which throws their wild War Dogs into the mix too.

War Dogs - Warlord Games

I talk about discipline and order but when you've got packs of dogs nipping at your heels and disrupting the ranks that's a perfect time to send in the lads in all their skyclad glory.

Numidian Mercenaries

Additionally, Warlord Games also talked recently about adding mercenaries into your force from across the Roman Empire. So, maybe some Numidian Cavalry...

Numidian Cavalry - Warlord Games

...or the Numidian Skirmishers might do the trick? The Roman Empire was vast and so were the Kingdoms of many other factions too. With that in mind they could well have been able to bring in help from outside to supplement their forces when they going was getting tough.

Numidian Skirmishers - Warlord Games

In SPQR, these Mercenaries serve as an aid when you're playing against a warband with a higher points cost than your own. You will most likely have seen this in action watching some of Gerry's games against Charlie from Warlord. If not, make sure to check out what they've been doing HERE.

I like the idea of varying things up with the addition of Mercenaries and Auxiliary units, especially with Romans, as this was what kept their fighting force going when they were far from home.

Are you going to be picking any of these up?

"I like the idea of varying things up with the addition of Mercenaries and Auxiliary units..."

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