Skyraiders & Combat Drones Swoop Into Gates Of Antares

April 20, 2016 by brennon

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Warlord Games have been adding to the forces available to you in Beyond The Gates Of Antares. The Freeborn have got themselves some Skyraiders while the Concord bring another Drone to the battlefield but with considerably more firepower...

Freeborn Skyraider Squad

While the Skyraiders come armed with mag repeaters they aren't really overly suited to proper combat encounters. They fulfil more of a scouting role allowing the Freeborn to get a bead on the enemy force.

Freeborn Skyraider Squad (Alt)

With that said they might be able to zoom ahead of your main force and pin down an enemy squad that has been caught out of cover. Their speed also means they can get themselves to objectives quickly.

C3M4 Combat Drone

If you're looking for something that floats but is decidedly more up for a straight up fight then how about the Combat Drone for the Concord and also the Freeborn too?

Combat Drone #1

As you can see it features a rather fearsome looking plasma cannon atop its chassis although it can also have a fractal or compression cannon if you so desire.

Combat Drone (Mid)

Combat Drone #2

I think this is one of the coolest models that Warlord have yet created for Gates of Antares. I love the look of it with the rounded panels and the massive cannon plonked on the top. It is the optimise of what a futuristic tank would probably look like.

Now we just need a diorama with some alien warriors leaping over it trying to blast it to pieces as it blows a hole in another armoured vehicle. Get on it diorama makers.

What do you think of these latest offerings?

"They fulfil more of a scouting role allowing the Freeborn to get a bead on the enemy force..."

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