Smashing Skeletons & Wasteland Survivors From Crooked Dice

July 6, 2020 by brennon

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Crooked Dice has been working on a bunch of new 7TV releases for their Post-Apocalyptic range and also the burgeoning Fantasy collection too. We start with some Fantasy options as James Sherriff tinkers away on some new Skeletons for dungeon delvers to shatter into dust.

Skeleton Champion - Crooked Dice.jpg

Skeleton Champion // Crooked Dice

The first of the previews is for this Skeleton Champions who is armed with a hefty looking mace/maul. You could imagine him getting ready to smash the Paladin onto his arse and make sure that the adventurers fear what you'd assumed was simply a bucket of bones.

The design of this Skeleton pays homage to one of the Skeleton Warriors from the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. It's really neat and I love how animated it is, showing how much skill has been retained even in death.

You can see more of this animation as part of these Skeletons here too. Here are more of their Skeletons With Maces who look like they are loving life (or unlife I suppose).

Skeletons With Maces - Crooked Dice.jpg

Skeletons With Maces // Crooked Dice

As well as these Skeletons they are also going to be working on a set of undead warriors with axes plus a bunch of archers too. You'll soon have pretty much everything you need to run a proper undead horde. I really like using skeletons and the undead in dungeon delves, mainly because you can do some great things with unthinking killers!

Post-Apocalyptic Twins

As well as the Skeletons, you can also snap up a pair of Post-Apocalyptic buddies for use in your Mad Maxian games. These here are The Mannix Twins!

Mannix Twins - Crooked Dice.jpg

Mannix Twins // Crooked Dice

These fellows look like they would have a lot of fun riding around on the top of a battle bus. They have a neat old school look and could also work in something grimdark as well if you were so inclined.

Are you tempted to pick up some new characters and troops for use in your games of 7TV?

"Are you tempted to pick up some new characters and troops for use in your games of 7TV?"

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