The Snatchers Are Abroad For Knight Model’s Harry Potter

February 15, 2019 by brennon

Knight Models have dropped a whole bunch of new Harry Potter Miniatures Game releases for you to snap up. Most of them are focused around the Death Eaters and the forces of Voldemort, offering up new foes for you to face. We start with Voldemort & Nagini.

Voldemort - Knight Models

This set offers up a much more playable version of Voldemort for you to use in your games, sculpted to look like He Who Must Not Be Named from Goblet Of Fire when he was resurrected. As well as the sneering Voldemort you also get Nagini.

Nagini - Knight Models

The pose for Nagini is great as she is in a striking pose, about to lunge down and consume her foes. I could see some good dioramas coming to life using these miniatures.

Fenrir & The Snatchers

Backing up Voldemort we have one of his loyal followers including the werewolf known as Fenrir.

Fenrir - Knight Models

Here you can see him lunging forward, using a mix of his magical abilities and those innate werewolf powers to bring down his foes. Whilst Fenrir was a horrible character in the books I do quite like the look of him, being a big fan of werewolves.

He is backed up by Scabior & The Snatchers who chased Harry, Ron and Hermione later on in the series.

Scabior & Snatchers - Knight Models

This would make for an immediately awesome scenario where the heroes are running through the woods trying to avoid them whilst the Snatchers duck and dive, trying to pin the teenagers down and drag them away.

Hearth & Home

As well as these nasty fellows we also have some more lovable characters from the stories. Molly & Arthur are looking awesome here in much more restful poses as if they are getting about their business at The Burrows.

Molly Weasley - Knight Models

I loved when Molly got to get her revenge on Bellatrix Lestrange. She might look like a homely woman but she can still hold her own!

Arthur Weasley - Knight Models

Whilst I've not played the Harry Potter Miniatures Game and can't comment on its quality I can immediately see that this is another awesome way to bring together a range of miniatures for use in role-playing games like the one that Lance's friend put together HERE using Tales From The Loop.

Combine these figures, a bit of kitbashing and potentially some wand making and you could have some very unique looking characters for role-playing in the wizarding world.

Will you be checking these out?

"Backing up Voldemort we have one of his loyal followers including the werewolf known as Fenrir..."

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