Get A Sneak Peek At Little Soldier’s Portly Napoleonics!

November 16, 2023 by brennon

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The Little Soldier Company has been previewing something a bit fun over on Facebook recently. What do you make to some Napoleonics in a portly fashion! that are about to get stuck into a bit of a Fantasy scrap on the tabletop in 28mm?

Napoleonic Halflings - The Little Soldier Company

Portly Napoleonic Soldiers // The Little Soldier Company

Note: This article was updated as the creator explained that these are human-sized miniatures with a portly and comical look to them. They aren't quite Halflings!

This set was commissioned a little while back but looks to actually be popping up soon for you to snap up. This photo is the only sneak peek at the collection so far but it's looking rather nifty. I like the look of the expressions on their faces and the facial hair plus those big blunderbuss-style guns. There's even a neat officer in the mix there as well, ready to draw his sword and get stuck in.

With these miniatures popping up, it would be ace to see some foes go up against them as well. Perhaps this could be a good excuse for you to build a new The Silver Bayonet force on the tabletop too?

What do you make of this fun sneak peek?

"Perhaps this could be a good excuse for you to build a new The Silver Bayonet force..."

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