Spectacular Cowboys & Henchmen Coming To Gunfighter’s Ball

May 12, 2020 by brennon

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Knuckleduster Miniatures has now outlined what is going to be released in both May and June. For May, we've got the release of The Spectacular Seven who are going to be dealing with bandits and vagabonds!

The Spectacular Seven - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Each of the characters are looking awesome and it's good to see the full cast together. I think it would be brilliant to see someone paint up all of these characters and then come up with a scenario to play out with them in Gunfighter's Ball (or your preferred Wild West game).

The only character I would tweak slightly is Rhet. I think if you had him raising the knife ready to throw it, he'd look like he matches the action poses of the others a bit better.

Henchmen Ahoy

As well as the Spectacular Seven, you're also going to get the chance to pick up some varmints for them to go up against. The Linguine Henchmen (Mounted) are going to be dropping a month after the Seven in June and they are looking equally as fancy.

-5eba56d73b5e2--5eba56d73b5e3The Linguine Henchmen Mounted - Knuckleduster Miniatures.jpg

Each of these fellows can be matched against the Unmounted option so you can use them in both forms on the tabletop. This means that as The Spectacular Seven start to take out their horses from under them, you can replace them and get them fighting on foot.

It is going to be a fun couple of months for those who like their Wild West wargames so make sure to keep an eye on the Knuckleduster Miniatures webstore!

Will you play as the White Hats or the Black Hats?

"It is going to be a fun couple of months for those who like their Wild West wargames..."

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