Sing Songs Of The Spirits As A Tree-Revenants In AoS: Soulbound

March 10, 2020 by brennon

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Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound is just around the corner from the team at Cubicle 7 and I for one am very excited to see people playing as the various characters they've designed from the Mortal Realms. One such character was revealed this week, the Tree-Revenant Waypiper.

Tree Revenant Waypiper - Cubicle 7

As the foot soldiers of the Sylvaneth, the Tree-Revenants are not warriors to be trifled with. Whilst outside of battle they tend to be quiet and reserved creatures, they are turned into wild warriors when they are called to combat whatever threatens their glades. Inside their heartwood, each Tree-Revenant holds the soul of a warrior born generations before and so they are a well of knowledge. There are very few things a Tree-Revenant hasn't encountered if they were to explore the dark corners of their mind.

With the aid of their spirit-song and the waypipes, the Tree-Revenant are able to move unseen and strike enemies from hidden places. This makes them an incredibly important ally to have by your side when delving into adventures as the Soulbound.

Talking of the Soulbound, Tree-Revenants effectively sign their life away when they join with others who share this unique link. Designated a new task by the Everqueen, they are now bonded to those who adventure alongside them and will find a fitting way to mark their passing. Much like others of their kin, they are determined defenders of the realms and will be a unique addition to your adventuring group in-game.

I am very much looking forward to the release of the Starter Set for Soulbound and will be interested to see what else is inside that core rulebook too!

What do you think of the Tree-Revenant as a character of choice?

"What do you think of the Tree-Revenant as a character of choice?"

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