Star Hat Taking Pre-Orders For Duck Quest As Backerkit Launches

October 7, 2019 by brennon

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If you missed out on the Star Hat Miniatures DuckQuest Kickstarter you can now join in with the launch of the Pre-Order and Backerkit system.

Original Duck Quest - Star Hat Miniatures

Many of the offerings from the Kickstarter are available including a load of the old and new heroes sculpted for the campaign. You can dive in and pick yourself a band of adventurers who are worthy to step inside the confines of  Quack Keep to take on its deadly denizens as you search for treasure.

Duck Adventurers - Star Hat Miniatures

As well as the various heroes the team at Star Hat Miniatures also worked on a range of additional options like some resin terrain which can adorn your dungeon delves, set up to match the full adventure they designed to work with the range.

Throne Of Bones - Star Hat Miniatures

If you're interested in the terrain they actually had a look at some of it in a little Unboxing which you can watch below from Chris Nicholls. You get a look at some of the resin and metal components you will be snapping up if you backed the project or jumped in now.

As well as that you can also pick up some fun alternative models that don't quite fit the Fantasy mould too. For example, here we have Duck Lorange!

Duck Lorange - Star Hat Miniatures

As this famous Space Soldier says, "In the grim duck future of the 40th Mallardium, there is only...QUACK!” I think he would make a fun addition to your force if you're looking for a more comedic grimdark army.

Make sure to go and check out the Pre-Order/Backerkit and see if models from their Kickstarter are something you'd be interested in. You can safely say this is quite a unique collection!

I better stop quacking on about it now!

"You can safely say this is quite a unique collection!"

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