Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Appetite For Destruction Squad Pack

March 29, 2023 by avernos

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Atomic Mass Games are now taking pre-orders for their upcoming Sci-Fi skirmish wargame set in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Shatterpoint is landing later this year and has been designed to focus on the dynamic duels between heroic and villainous characters in a Saturday morning cartoon style.

Appetite for Destruction - Squad Pack // Atomic Mass Games

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The nefarious General Grievous terrorizes the Republic! Unleashing the Separatist Droid Army throughout the galaxy, Grievous has proven to be more than a match for his Jedi adversaries. A shrewd military strategist, he makes use of brutal tactics to claim numerous victories and instil fear in his opponents.

General Grevious & Kraken // Shatterpoint

Tactical claws on Jedi statue and foot on wreck makes a slight change from the norm I suppose. I do love the stalking pose of Grevious murdering his way through the Jedi order in his pokemon quest to collect all the sabres. Joined by Kraken a commander for the CIS to offer support and control for the battle droids who has at least a little flourish on his chest armour but otherwise doesn't scream character to me.

B2 Series Super Battle Droid // Shatterpoint

Heavy firepower combined with a high centre of gravity, the B2 Super Battle Droids look mean but are always in danger from a man with a hockey stick, we've all seen the videos. One pose fits all the mechanical menace march inexorably towards their target gunning all the way, I'm not sure but I think I may have wanted the arm-up non-firing pose for a little variation but I expect we shall see when the kit arrives. They look like a solid sculpt if not spectacular.

Overall an interesting squad, I am a little disappointed that the squad isn't called "General Kenobi" since the reverse is "hello there", that aside I had no idea who Kraken was so I went and binged him at which point I discovered that he mainly worked under Dooku. Then I noticed that the Dooku box includes the Magma Droids specifically built for Grevious. Now the cynic in me says that is deliberate so you have to buy both boxes to field the historically accurate forces. But perhaps the squads were more balanced this way. Perhaps.

The box has a release date of July so maybe we'll see more of their rules and stat cards before they drop.

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"I am a little disappointed that the squad isn't called "General Kenobi" since the reverse is "hello there"

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