New Teams & Star Wrestlers Coming To TTCombat’s Rumbleslam

November 13, 2020 by brennon

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TTCombat is dropping a bunch of new miniatures for their Fantasy wrestling game, Rumbleslam this weekend. You've got new expansion teams plus some stars of the mat which can be used to enhance your chances during your next bout.

The Headliners - Rumbleslam

The Headliners // Rumbleslam

We start with The Headliners who are a bunch of wrestlers who are really good at brawling and grappling. The set breaks down into a Halfling High Flyer, Charging Block, Martial Artist, Ogre Flattener and Lucky Winner, a kid who has won a contest to appear in the ring alongside his heroes. Oh dear...

As well as The Headliners who look relatively normal, we also have the very strange looking Mighty Madcaps.

The Mighty Madcaps - Rumbleslam

The Mighty Madcaps // Rumbleslam

These Orcs and Goblins are those that live in the bowels of the casino and unfortunately seem to have become rather fungal! Still, one hopes that it will help them rather than hinder them in the ring.

In this set, you have the Goblin Cannonballer, Sporing Gobloom, Toadstool Peddlar, Juicer and Henchroom! Who wouldn't want to introduce these weird-looking Orcs and Goblins into their collection? I think these are going to be fun to paint, especially as you blend together the fungal elements with their green skin.

Rumbleslam's Star Wrestlers

You can also pick up some specially named wrestlers for you to throw into the ring like Scrapheap & Puggy.

Scrapheap & Puggy - Rumbleslam

Scrapheap & Puggy // Rumbleslam

Scrapheap is all about that ball and chain, ready to smash everyone away with his failing...flail? He is also joined by Puggy, a Halfling who loves jumping on that ball and going for a ride. I'm sure this is totally all within health and safety regulations.

We also have Porcelynn who is a real greenskin showoff.

Porcelynn - Rumbleslam

Porcelynn // Rumbleslam

She is very mild-mannered for an Orc but that doesn't stop her turning into an insane wrestler and grappler in the ring. She is able to draw the crowd and use her star power to make it well worth introducing her into your wrestling team.

Are you tempted by these new Rumbleslam miniatures? 

"These Orcs and Goblins are those that live in the bowels of the casino and unfortunately seem to have become rather fungal!"

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