Stargrave: Hope Eternal Expansion Coming This September

June 14, 2022 by brennon

Osprey Games has now posted up the date that folks can get their hands on the new Hope Eternal expansion for the 28mm Sci-Fi skirmish game, Stargrave.

Hope Eternal - Stargrave

Hope Eternal // Stargrave

Here is some of the background on this new supplement for Stargrave...

"Since the end of the Last War, the great pirate fleets have roamed the ruins of the galaxy, pillaging, extorting, and enslaving. No one has had the power to stand against them, and the desperate few who have tried, have been quickly and brutally crushed. However, when the independent crews are hired for a simple hostage rescue, it leads to a dangerous opportunity to strike a blow against tyranny. Two of the largest and most vicious pirate fleets are meeting for a parlay near the ruins of an ancient research station... one that once experimented with ‘supernova-level events'. If the crews can locate the station, slip past the pirates, and infiltrate the facility, it might be possible to release such an event just as the fleets have gathered…"

This new book offers up more solo and cooperative options for Stargrave. The full rules are included for playing Stargrave in this new style plus you will also find a full campaign with loads of connected scenarios. If you're interested in learning more about the game, we talked with Joe about it during the latest Stargrave Week...

Stargrave: The Last Prospector; What's In The New Expansion + What's Next?!

As the name might suggest, Hope Eternal is there to try and offer up some hope for the galaxy that has been ravaged by war for so long. Well, introducing some more fun cooperative options for play certainly starts that journey.

Hope Eternal is going to be available to dive into from 29th September 2022 so watch this space!

"This new book offers up more solo and cooperative options for Stargrave..."

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