Statuesque Miniatures Lets The Inmates Out Of The Asylum

December 8, 2014 by stvitusdancern

So do you remember the scene in the movie A Bridge Too Far, when Sir Sean Connery's character Major General Roy Urquhart is standing in the DZ with some of his men and the people from the nearby insane asylum are in the woods pointing and laughing at them and Sir Sean Connery turns to his men and says "Do you think they know something we don't?"

Female Frothing Loonies

Well now you can reenact that scene with these new miniatures from Statuesque Miniatures and their Female Frothing Loonies. You get three female bodies with six interchangeable and poseable heads to create your own miniatures.

Female Frothing Loonies Back

Right now Statuesque Miniatures is running a special where you can get both the male and female sets for one great price. Even if you don't play historical games, you could get these and play any number of games, like Batman, Malifaux or possible even Carnevale. The scale might be off somewhat for some of those games, but these will still add a nice touch . Besides who doesn't need a little insanity once in awhile?

Do you dare to let them out?

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