Statuesque’s Asylum Opens It’s Crazy Doors!

February 24, 2014 by brennon

Last week we showed a sneak peek video of the Forthing Loons and Lillie Poots who would be raving their way onto a tabletop near you from Statuesque Miniatures. Well, both are now out and you can dive in and pre-order now...

Frothing Loonies (Front)

Frothing Loonies (Rear)

First up are the loons complete with broken restraints and a somewhat cheeky butt shot from between their open gowns too. These would be amazing for using in board games and role-playing games as wild enemies to try and deal with. I have just been watching some people play Outlast on Youtube and this would be perfect for the Asylum setting.

Lillie Poots (Front)

Lillie Poots (Rear)

Next up we have the equally creepy looking Lillie Poots. This little girl woke up one night and wandered off into the darkness with her lamp. Nothing is ever good when a little girl with a flickering light shows up in a horror movie so watch out when she approaches you. Oh, and never go and help her. It will end in disaster!

Will you be pre-ordering?

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