Steamforged Chat Designing Special Critical Role Gen Con Models

July 27, 2018 by brennon

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Steamforged Games' Russ Charles talks about sculpting up the fantastic Gen Con Models for Critical Role which will be available next week. The first of these is this fantastic bust for Yasha...

Critical Role Yasha Bust (Render) - Steamforged Games

The model has been sculpted to echo that moment before the storm as Russ Charles mentioned in the article HERE. Yasha is shown drawing her massive sword and getting ready to bring it crashing down on her foes.

You will be able to snag the model for the Yasha Bust on their webstore for pick up at Gen Con OR just order it through the store and wait until it delivers in September if you can't get to Gen Con in the US.

Critical Role Yasha Bust - Steamforged Games

Did I mention that it comes in pewter and looks amazing...oh and has a presentation box as well? The model is superb and really captures the essence of Yasha as a character and all she needs is a darn good coat of paint to seal the look!

Winged Vax

This model has been available for a little while but you can also snap up the Winged Vax model from their webstore AND at Gen Con too.

Winged Vax - Critial Role

Spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched much of Critical Role Campaign #1 but Vax gets wings. So yes, he is even faster and better at being a rogue than he was before.

I can't wait to see what else comes out in miniature form from Steamforged Games for Critical Role and I am fairly sure that I will buy EVERYTHING they do.

There was even a little teaser at the bottom of the article HERE which maybe points to Gilmore being next for the range which would be epic.

What do you think of the new Critical Role miniatures?

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