Steamforged Ring The Dinner Bell With Cook’s Guild Pre-Orders

January 29, 2019 by brennon

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We got a peek at the fully painted set of Cook's Guild miniatures not too long ago and now Steamforged Games has offered the new set up for pre-order alongside some Dice too.

The Cook's Guild - Steamforged Games

The set comes in the new pre-coloured plastics that we're used to from Steamforged Games now, and it doesn't look like they've really sacrificed on the quality here either. I love the team as a whole, packed with character as you might have guessed, and their additional pieces of scenery are a wonderful addition to the mix.

Giving us a bit of bling to work with, the team at Steamforged also threw in some newly themed dice for those who want to show their allegiance.

Cooks's Guild Dice - Steamforged Games

A lovely little icon there and a nice deep red to match the basic characters when unpainted.

Guild Ball is still going strong as a game with plenty of big tournaments on the go and lots of folks playing it in gaming stores. So, a new Guild is a welcome site to help shake things up.

What do you think?

"The set comes in the new pre-coloured plastics..."

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