Steamforged Canvas Your Votes On Next Critical Role Miniatures

November 23, 2018 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has been looking for votes as to the next big miniature from them for their Critical Role collection. This time around you have got some new takes from the Vox Machina story cast as well as one from another of their side games.

Critical Role Aldor - Steamforged Games

First up we have Aldor who is the warrior knight that popped up as part of the Slayer's Take in the first campaign. He is a dashing young man as you can see and Felicia Day's character, Lyra, was utterly besotted with him.

Following on from him we have one of my favourite characters from the extended cast. Kashaw is looking awesome and, alongside Zahra they were a duo to be reckoned with and stalwart allies of Vox Machina.

Critical Role Kashaw - Steamforged Games

This version of him has slightly more wild hair than I would have thought but this is a rather awesome take on this Cleric who was very cynical and caustic to many. His relationship with the Dark Goddess Vesh is an interesting one and it's a good direction for a Cleric to go.

Last but not least we have Kingston, played by Bryan Foster in one of their side games. As a rather downtrodden poet and aesthete, he is a very different kind of Bard.

Critical Role Kingston - Steamforged Games

Whilst I think that Kashaw would be the best pick for someone wanting to have the entire Critical Role cast together I do like the painting opportunity afforded by picking up Kingston.

What do you think of the three new characters?

"I do like the painting opportunity afforded by picking up Kingston..."

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