Step into the Mechadrome for Some Heavy Metal Combat!

June 12, 2014 by dracs

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is time tune in for a bit of heavy metal, robot vs robot carnage! With the help of their sponsors on Kickstarter, Gangfight Games are bringing us just that in Mechadrome!


Mechadrome is a scifi mecha skirmish game from the guys behind Blackwater Gulch. Teams of robots go head to head in games of metal mayhem, all for the entertainment of thee crowds watching the Monday Night Mecha.

So far, there are two teams ready for the game: the Terran Titans and Team Bushido.

Terran Titans

Team Bushido

Both these teams can, so far, bring some light and medium mechs to the game, all of which have their own weapons and gear to help their team claim victory, and the miniatures of which a certainly looking promising.


Medium and Light Mechs

The idea of a game based around a robot death match TV show sounds like a lot of fun. It's very reminiscent of films like Running Man and Death Race.

The models themselves look promising. They're very bulky, and almost believable as rough and ready mechs for use in mecha matches. However, I would say that, for the time being, there isn't much to differentiate the two factions, the models lacking a recognisable silhouette to separate them. Hopefully this will be something we see more of with the later teams.

Fancy stepping into the Mechadrome? If you want to try it out first, you can find the rules over at the Gangfight Games.

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