Prepare A Strange Stew With Forge World’s Bigby Crumb

March 6, 2020 by brennon

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If you're diving into the world of Necromunda and feel like you need to prepare for your next assignment then maybe Bigby Crumb can help out, Forge World's Ratling Slopper.

Bigby Crumb Ratling Slopper #1 - Forge World

Making sure that your gang is well fed can be key. Now, what you actually get fed might not be the nicest but when you live in effectively perpetually dank surroundings, lit by neon light, it probably does help to have someone making you some warm food.

"Unlike most sloppers, who pass themselves off as culinary experts just because they know how to siphon a water still, Bigby can actually cook. This has put him in high demand, although the price for hiring Bigby is often joining him on one of his legendary (and dangerous) ingredient hunts. The Ratling delves deep into the badzones of the underhive in his search for exotic plants and animals to fill his slop pot. Some say he is merely looking to add new recipes to his repertoire, though others claim he seeks to create the perfect dish, one good enough to win his way into the spire."

I love the idea of setting up a rather neat scenario where you have to go looking for all manner of odd ingredients to stuff into your pot. Perhaps you could make this a contest between two gangs where whoever managed to find the most ingredients gets to hire Bigby! As well as coming with his trusty ladle he also comes with a little pistol so he can keep himself safe.

Bigby Crumb Ratling Slopper #2 - Forge World

I love that inside the pot you've got a very alien-looking tentacle but also a spare boot which seems to have come from his own foot. I'm sure that this adds a very nice aroma to the stew.

Are you going to be snapping up this character and using him in your games? Rules for Sloppers are available in Necromunda: Gangs of the Underhive and there are specific rules for Bigby Crumb available in PDF form HERE.

What do you make of Bigby?

"I'm sure that this adds a very nice aroma to the stew..."

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