Studio Capitan Bring Comrades In Battle To Kickstarter

November 2, 2016 by brennon

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Studio Capitan is on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their rules set, Comrades In Battle, which is set up for 28mm skirmish gaming during the American Civil War.

Comrades In Battle

Not only are they providing the rules for small scale gaming between bands of troops but also a set of cards that they think help add to the experience on the tabletop.

Comrades In Battle (Cards)

Comrades In Battle was an actual term used by the armies of the period. It referred to a group of two to six men who would sleep, fight, work and die together as a unit. The bond they formed was close and they would almost act as one man in battle.

A miniatures range does support the project but of course, you could look to all manner of producers for the miniatures to use in this game.

Comrades In Battle (Models)

I like the idea of focusing the action towards smaller groups of men during this period. The large scale battles never truly engaged me but setting up raiding parties, ambushes and small engagements between individuals would create some interesting narrative experiences.

Will you be taking a look at this?

"Comrades In Battle was an actual term used by the armies of the period..."

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