Survival of the Fittest in Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America

October 31, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Yes, it's another zombie game- but it IS Halloween, and this isn't just any other zombie game! Jasco Games has their zombie game, Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone, out on Kickstarter right now and it looks pretty awesome.

QZ banner

If you are a fan of the Walking Dead, then this game would totally be up your alley. It's a 28mm skirmish level miniature game that takes place 4 years after a massive pandemic has turned man against man against zombies. In this game, your primary objective is not to survive against the zombies, though they are always a threat, but instead the goal is for your faction to assume control of the scenario.

QZ boxes

There are 4 factions coming out in this Kickstarter:

QZ Aegis

QZ Cult

QZ Patriots

QZ Tribe

Your and your opponent's choice of faction will play entirely different types of games since the primary objective of each faction is so different. And of course, there is the ever present threat of the zombies and the more noise you make during your turn, the more attention you draw to yourself, and the more difficult life becomes for you. The zombies also make the speed of this game really great because they force you to keep moving or you will get over-run.

QZ Aegis vs Cult

There are 2 different starter boxes in this Kickstarter, offering you different choices in the factions- but if you're anything like me, I would never be able to choose and I'd have to get both. Want more? They have lots of small add on sets so you can get some of the really cool mini's in other factions.

QZ Tribe vs Patriot

Which of these factions would you find yourself in in the Quarantine Zone?

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