Survive A Space Station Labyrinth In Escape The Dark Sector

June 12, 2019 by cassn

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As if the harsh emptiness of space was not enough, now you and your long-time crew have found yourself in the detention block of a vast space station, your starship impounded and your escape fraught with terrifying dangers. Through careful teamwork, you and your crew must navigate this space labyrinth, find your ship and fly your way to freedom!


Escape the Dark Sector is the second game in the Escape The Dark... series of games from publisher Themeborne. Mechanically, this latest game mimics the same narrative engine as Escape The Dark Castle (check out our Let's Play), however, there are several new features which distinguish Escape the Dark Sector as a unique game in its own right.


For example, Sector offers new Ranged Combat options with a series of weapons from lowly Slug pistols to formidable Beam-emitters. And with these new, thrilling firefights come new Tactical Combat options, such as Shoot, Charge, Take Cover, Flank, Ambush, Treat Wounds, and - of course - Reload, creating a much more encompassing combat experience than previously.


Escape The Dark Sector also introduces Cybernetic Implants to the game. These implants are fitted to each crew member and provide them with unique abilities to use during their attempted escape. Along the way, players will have the option to swap their cybernetic implant with another crew member, or even upgrade with parts discovered on the journey. However, doing so will result in a health penalty, so choose wisely!


Escape The Dark Sector is divided into a three-act adventure, with each act getting progressively harder with differing item drop-rates and encounter ratios, ensuring a challenging and strategically satisfying experience for players.

Escape The Dark Sector is currently on Kickstarter now, has already exceeded its pledge goal and is currently unlocking a series of interesting stretch goals. You can check out the campaign in detail here.

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"A challenging and strategically satisfying experience!"

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