Survive the Weird West in Gangfight’s Bad Lands Game

January 2, 2015 by dracs

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Gangfight Games, the creators behind the wild west game Blackwater Gulch, have announced that in the coming months they will be heading to Kickstarter to create a new weird wild west board game. Can you survive in the Bad Lands?

Bad Lands

Bad Lands will be a survival horror board game for between one to four players, taking on the roles of heroes of the west and build their posses as they fight off skinwalkers, chupacabras and various other monsters of American folklore and gaining loot when you're victorious.

Bad Lands Hero Cards

Bad Lands Loot

A preview rule book is already available to download from the Bad Lands website, letting us get a look at just what sort of game we will be in for. Players will reportedly have the choice to play simple single games where you fight off waves of the darkest parts of the wild west, or a full campaign to let your games develop as you play.

Bad Lands Werewolf

The art is already very distinctive, with a vibrant, cartoony style that gives the impression of a fun and relatively light-hearted game, standing against its survival horror setting.

Gaming has been seeing a real influx of weird wild west style game settings, from Wild West Exodus to Shadows of Brimstone. While I personally don't think there can be such a thing as too much weird wild west, it will nonetheless be interesting to see what Bad Lands does to help make itself stand apart.

Be sure to let us know what you think of Gangfight Games' take on the weird wild west. Is there anything that you particularly want to see from this?

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