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May 20, 2020 by brennon

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If you missed it, you can now dive in and check out the massive collection of Fantasy miniatures and terrain from 3dartdigital for the Survivors Of Serath Kickstarter campaign.

Survivors Of Serath Updated Main Image - 3DArtDigital

Check Out The Campaign Here

The team has done some sterling work with their core selection of characters for this range which could be used across various different games. They range from the small and the plucky through to the massive and the mighty, all available as downloadable STL Files for you to work with at home. You can see what's available as part of their core set here...

Survivors Of Serath Main Character Pledge

I really like what they have been doing here and being a fan of the mighty and the monstrous, Skorgi Frozen-Heart is a pretty impressive miniature on his own! A lot of these characters could well be used as the focus for a new roleplaying game campaign or perhaps the lead in your next skirmishing wargame. I can already see a lot of ideas formulating about a few of these.

Check Out More Heroes & Terrain Here

We talked a lot about what the team had planned on the link above where delved into their terrain and some of their stretch goals. Things have been going pretty well for them as a team and the collection has grown with these additional stretch goals now part of the campaign.

-5ec5044f8a7da--5ec5044f8a7dbSurvivors Of Serath Unlocked Stretch Goals.png

So, you've now got a bunch of additional terrain in the mix as well as loads of new options for heroes, monsters and more. Of course, if you want to get a closer look at the miniatures they've added into the mix then you can check out their Kickstarter Page for more details. Personally I'm all about seeing Puffnathrax the big Steampunk Dragon.

Test Prints

To show off what the miniatures look like "in reality", the team has also been showing off some early prints of their models so you can get an idea of the quality.

-5ec504485b590--5ec504485b591Survivors Example #1.jpg

-5ec50449a8e70--5ec50449a8e71Survivors Example #2.jpg

As you can see, a lot of the detail carries over nicely into the finished models and you'll have a fair bit to work with as a hobbyist and painter. The same goes for their terrain a well as you'll see here...

-5ec5044bf1b00--5ec5044bf1b01Survivors Example #4.jpg

This has come out rather nicely indeed and I love that big blocky details. It's always nice to see some examples of the final result so you can work out how these miniatures and terrain pieces are going to look when you work on printing them yourself.

Free Sample

If you want to check out their range and see if they work for you then they have offered up a free sample from the Kickstarter, Gorntak The Gentle. He can be downloaded HERE.

-5eb3c7d609363--5eb3c7d609364Gorntak The Gentle - 3DArtDigital.jpg

If you'd like to see how Gornak turned out, here is the miniature!

-5ec5044ad10d5--5ec5044ad10d6Survivors Example #3.jpg

I think everyone should now be working on creating an awesome Orc Monk/Fighter for their roleplaying games. You wouldn't want to mess with a muscle-bound hero like Gornak even with a piddly stick!

Are you tempted to dive in on Survivors Of Serath?

"Are you tempted to dive in on Survivors Of Serath?"

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