What Your Table Needs is a Covered Wagon!

June 23, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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This covered wagon caught my eye and totally belongs on our tabletops!


It is made by Tabletop Props and is currently on Kickstarter. The most impressive thing about this piece is its versatility! The wagon is put together in pieces, so you can use it all together, or break it down to suit your scene. At first glance I thought this would work so well with Wild West Exodus! But when you look at the piece transitioned down to the bare wagon, you can see how nicely it could be used for other games as well.

wagon with barrels

The piece is made by injection molding and is offered in a unique variety of finishes including: Classic, Gypsy, Battle Worn and Primer Coated. I think this is great because you have the choice of a ready to use piece or one that you can paint in any matter you see fit.

Are you ready to hitch this wagon?

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