Tabletop Art Open Up A Trapdoor On New Scenery Accessories

March 17, 2019 by dracs

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Tabletop Art have released two new sets of tabletop terrain accessories to fill up the corners of your gaming dungeons.

Getting Corny

A new set of corn sacks have been released for when your gaming takes you somewhere rural.

Little touches like this may be simple, but they help make a setting feel more alive and can serve as useful objective markers. After all, you never know what might have been hidden among that corn.

Open Up A Trapdoor

A set of trapdoors has also been released, letting you access new levels to the gaming table.

Trapdoors like this may be a simple enough addition to a table, but adding them to a dungeon set up opens up the possibility of new places to explore.

Small pieces like this may not be the most exciting, but they have their place in creating an effective gaming environment.

How do you make use of accessories like these?

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