The Talos Exo-Suit Powers Up For White Dragon’s 15mm Kickstarter

June 5, 2015 by brennon

White Dragon Miniatures' 15mm Marine Tactical Unit Kickstarter is going very well indeed and they've already unlocked an awesome stretch goal which brings the Talos Exo-Suit Squad to the tabletop...

Bring The Pain

The Talos Exo-Suits are a smaller option for the battlefield than the Proteus Battle Mech. If you need something a bit heavier to breach and clear a building then I'd call in these guys.

Talos Exo Suit

They will come armed with not only their high calibre rifle but also the option to bring out a grenade launcher or flamethrower instead. I think they look as awesome as everything else from White Dragon and can't wait for the models.


Talking of models they have also shown off the finished Proteus Battle Mech alongside some of the other models in the range to let you see just how big this thing is...

Marines, Armadillo & Battle Mech (Scale)

So...pretty epic right? Not only that but they have also done some extra work on additional poses for the Battle Mech which is always cool. I think this could well be one of the best Sci-Fi ranges in 15mm out there.

What do you think?

"I think this could well be one of the best Sci-Fi ranges in 15mm out there..."

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