TANKS: The Modern Age Reaches For The Sky With Helicopters

January 17, 2019 by cassn

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Owls are just sky cats, and helicopters are just sky tanks. These are truths that TANKS: The Modern Age knows, as they get ready to introduce helicopter movement into their tabletop game!

The new helicopters which can be added include Cobra, Hind, PAH, Gazelle (20mm), Gazelle (HOT), and Lynx and each comes with their own special abilities.


The movement system is pretty interesting as well, flying both high for sight and low for stealth. Helicopters have a base speed of 3, which means they can move quickly along the tabletop, but cannot move until every tank has moved first. They can also end their movement anywhere along the arrow, touching it with any part of the base.


All helicopters are forward firing and can only shoot another model if the hull is entirely in front of half of the helicopter's base. Helicopters also have a base defence of 3, and they are immediately removed from play when their damage reaches or exceeds their damage capacity.


Overall, this is a really interesting addition to TANKS: The Modern Age which will change the way platoons are formed and tactics are developed. For more information, head over to the TANKS website.

Are submarines sea tanks?

"Helicopters have a base speed of 3 which means they can move quickly along the tabletop!"

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