Dive Into The Barons’ War Death And Taxes Kickstarter Campaign

March 22, 2021 by brennon

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Warhost and Footsore Miniatures & Games are back on Kickstarter with their new The Barons' War campaign. The third fundraiser for the game is focused on Death And Taxes, a new campaign supplement for their 28mm Historical wargame and new miniatures of course.

Death And Taxes Funded - The Barons War

Death And Taxes Kickstarter // The Barons' War

Andy Hobday and Paul Hicks have worked together on more miniatures for this period of turmoil in English history centred around that previously mentioned campaign. Based in the village of Wimentun a clash has broken out between the King's men under the Sheriff and the local populace.

Philip Mark de la Mare finds himself to be a most unlikeable man as he tried to squeeze more taxes out of the village of Wimentun. Thankfully, a band of rogues and rebels are on hand to try and keep Philips men out!

The Baron Pledge - The Barons War

The Baron Pledge // The Barons' War

The various pledge levels present as part of the campaign allow you to pick up as many of the new 28mm metal miniatures as you like. The miniatures cover a variety of the locals that are now up in arms as well as a few of the Sheriff's men who are ready to burn the village to the ground.

The Antagonists Pledge - The Barons War

The Antagonists Pledge // The Barons' War

The Death And Taxes PDF is then FREE for backers of the campaign and gives you a way to use all of your shiny new miniatures on the tabletop.

As well as the miniatures, you can also pick up the actual village of Wimentun as either resin terrain OR in STL file form. This means you can either go down the traditional route or fire up the 3D Printer and work on the pieces at home.

Wimentun Village Terrain - The Barons War

Wimentun Village Terrain // The Barons' War

As you might imagine, The Barons' War collection is a very popular one and that means that they have already broken through their funding goal. With that sorted, the team are now looking ahead to some Stretch Goal options.

Stretch Goals - The Barons War

Stretch Goals // The Barons' War

More outlaw miniatures sounds like an excellent idea to me. I have already been won over by the ruffians that Hicks has sculpted for this so far and this could push me over the edge. I could see myself buying a few of them just for the joy of painting.

Exclusive Miniature

It should also be noted that if you back the campaign in the first twenty-four hours then you'll also qualify for this miniature.

Exclusive Miniature - The Barons War

Exclusive Miniature // The Barons' War

If you back before 8pm GMT 22/03/21 then you'll have qualified for this fancy fellow. If you didn't manage to get him then don't worry as there are loads of excellent miniatures included as part of this campaign.

Have you already backed this campaign and if so, what option did you go for?

"The miniatures cover a variety of the locals that are now up in arms as well as a few of the Sheriff's men who are ready to burn the village to the ground..."

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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