The Little Soldier Company Grow Their Sci-Fi Tenoch Range!

May 22, 2020 by brennon

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The Little Soldier Company is known for its Noggin The Nog miniatures but did you also know they make a set of Sci-Fi miniatures for The Tenoch?

Tenoch #1 - The Little Soldier Company

This collection of space-faring lizards and amphibians have recently been expanded to include a few new characters and such to help bulk out whatever skirmishing (or mass battle) force you might have in mind for them. I think they would be particularly interesting as an alternative tribe of natives that you meet whilst on your adventures to distant planets.

-5ec78d6130688--5ec78d6130689Tenoch #2 - The Little Soldier Company.jpg

They seem like the perfect kind of creatures for your Pulp adventures to run into whilst they are looking for treasures and ancient relics in a rundown temple. Perhaps they see signs of their civilisation in the artwork on the walls, thinking them long dead, only to have them ambush them as they try and break into a vault.

-5ec78d634b883--5ec78d634b884Tenoch #3 - The Little Soldier Company.jpg

Doing something quirky and odd with them would be a perfect fit for the range. You could also use them in more of a Fantasy context as only one of their range comes with a blaster. The rest are all armed with spears and such so they'd be a perfect fit for someone doing games like Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago and the like.

I think this is a fun little range and well worth taking a closer look at!

"I think this is a fun little range and well worth taking a closer look at!"

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