The Time Bandits Are Planning A Great Heist At Northumbrian Tin Soldier

October 7, 2021 by avernos

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Northumbrian Tin Soldier do some stunning models for tabletop gaming of their own designs, like the Cats of Crumpton or Nightfolks, alongside more traditional fantasy models but my favourite models in their range are a little band of robbers and this week they announced that they have been given the seal of approval and are now officially licensed.

Time Bandits // Northumbrian Tin Soldier

A wonderful and quirky ‘old school’ series of collectable figures the set contains Randal,l Fidget, Wally, Og, Strutter, and Vermin. The official Time Bandits miniatures are especially suitable for use with fantasy roleplaying and tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Frostgrave, as well as many other popular 28mm-32mm skirmish Wargames. Beautifully sculpted and intricately detailed, these tiny time travellers, friends and enemies stand ready to explore your tabletop.

Kevin & Pig Og // Handmade Films

Our hero Kevin is is accompanied by Pig Og, the poor bandit who got in the way of the Evil One's bolts of magic. It's a lovely pair for painting and I love that Kevin has his polaroid with him to record the events and people he meets along the way. People like..


Agamemnon And Minotaur

Everyone's favourite Greek King and James Bond is up against the monstrous Minotaur a towering figure who's appearance with a skull head stayed with me for years after seeing Terry's fun-filled kids romp.

Robin Hood 

If you've ever answered the question how long have you... with the response of four foot one or similar then congratulations very well done. This Cleesian take on the famous character strikes a pose that would be perfect for a photo from Kevin. Of course, the Bandits didn't only introduce Kevin to some lovely people as they used the map but occasionally stumbled into a few hostile folks.

Winston & Mrs Ogre

Despite his back pain, Winston is still doing the best he can onboard his ship living up to the hard day to day life of being a flesh-eating ogre trying to provide for his wife and building for future generations of ogres.

Ultimate Evil & Minions

The Ultimate Evil stands imperiously commanding his own team of pint-sized Minions Robert, Benson, and Horseflesh. With his clawed hand holding Map it seems like he has beaten Kevin and his friends unless of course the Supreme Being can find them and help them out.

This range is fantastic and I'm happy that they have been made official by Hand Made Films, this will hopefully bring more people to find the range as it really is one that many gamers should have sitting on their shelf, I wonder if we will see other Gilliam films down the line?

Where would you go with the map?

" This Cleesian take on the famous character strikes a pose that would be perfect for a photo from Kevin. "

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