Thureophoroi Peltasts Arrive For Hail Caesar Armies

December 31, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Hail Caesar Peltasts

Warlord Games has 2 new sets for the Greek, Macedonian and Hellenistic armies in their Roman miniatures game, Hail Caesar.

Hail Caesar peltasts backs

The Thureophoroi Peltasts and Thureophoroi Peltasts Command sets offer groups of mercenaries for your armies. These are essentially hired soldiers that can be inserted into various armies when the price is right. According to the time, the term thureophoroi was used to describe these soldiers, which literally translates to thureos-bearer. A thureos is the tell-tale, long, oval shield that was carried by these soldiers. Aside from their shield, these troops had very little else for armor, which both made them very fast in that they travelled very light, as well as gave a nod to their skill in battle- after all, is lightly armored soldier is either very good at what they do, or they don't live very long.

Hail Caesar peltast commandHail Caesar peltast command back

Is your Roman army looking for some hired help?

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