Grab Titan-Forge’s Animalfolk On Patreon Before October Ends!

October 26, 2021 by brennon

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Titan-Forge Miniatures are looking ahead to November now over on Patreon but there is still time to snap up their offerings for October. This month you can 3D Print yourself the Animalfolk Of Gloomvale for use in your tabletop Fantasy games.

Animalfolk - Titan-Forge Miniatures

Animalfolk // Titan-Forge Miniatures

The Animalfolk collection gives you a whole host of quirky and interesting characters for you to use during your games. You've got a wise Owl Mage, a Wolf Hunter and even a mighty Treeman that has been awoken by interlopers to its land. You can't miss out on the Bunny Rogue too!

Wolf Archer - Titan-Forge Miniatures

Wolf Archer // Titan-Forge Miniatures

This awesome collection is incredibly well detailed and shows off some really fun characters that you could use across a whole host of games. For those that like the traditional "War Herd" look, there is a nice collection of horned individuals that could be sent rampaging through the woods.

As is the way with these Patreon releases, you'll be able to snap up all of these as part of a bundle and perhaps at a later date over on their webstore.

Gloomvale Skirmisher - Titan-Forge Miniatures

Gloomvale Skirmisher // Titan-Forge Miniatures

I think it would be hard to pass up the opportunity to print off something like this though. This towering Treeman gives me all kinds of Celtic vibes and I love the curling horns coming out of the glowering skull.

Treebeast - Titan-Forge Miniatures

Treebeast // Titan-Forge Miniatures

All of these miniatures are still available as the end of October swings around so if you want them, you'll need to snap them up sharpish. Following on their heels is the release of the Death Knights for November which take things in a dark and brooding direction.

Death Knights - Titan-Forge Miniatures

Death Knights // Titan-Forge Miniatures

Are you tempted to check out these 3D Printing goodies from the folks at Titan-Forge? Did you already have a pop at those awesome Animalfolk? Let me know which of the miniatures from the October pack is your favourite.

I do like that Wolf Archer!

"Let me know which of the miniatures from the October pack is your favourite!"

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