Travel Down the Steampunk Rabbit Hole with Guild of Harmony!

August 27, 2012 by brennon

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Another great looking piece of Steampunk Victoriana today from the Guild of Harmony. Check out the awesome looking Steampunk Alice and her Clockwork Rabbit!

Steampunk Alice & Clockwork Rabbit

"Alice is a character of mysterious origin, seeming to appear from nowhere in the midst of a skirmish to tilt the course of a conflict one way or another, before disappearing just as quickly. Usually seen with her clockwork rabbit in tow, her true allegiances are unknown; all that can be said for sure is that her help is welcomed by those who receive it."

The model stands at 32mm and is strictly limited to 400 castings. This should be a perfect addition to someones model shelf as a great diorama piece.

Will you be heading to Wonderland?

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