The Triassic 5 Hit The Wrestling Ring In Rumbleslam!

September 1, 2021 by brennon

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Rumbleslam has always been a fun and quirky Fantasy game from the folks at TTCombat. It is going to be getting even more quirky with the addition of an entire team of dinosaurs this weekend! See what you make of the Triassic 5.

Triassic 5 - Rumbleslam

Triassic 5 // Rumbleslam

Going with either big or small wrestlers in this set, the Triassic 5 gives you (as you might have guessed) five new characters for you to throw into your games of Rumbleslam. You have the Gekko Firebreather, Pterodacrobat, Axolotl Cutie, Stubby Dunker, and T-Flex!

Axolotl Cutie - Rumbleslam

Axolotl Cutie // Rumbleslam

Who could say no to this adorable-looking axolotl? Well, don't be drawn in by the cuteness too much as there are some seriously deadly skills behind that happy smile. The Cutie might be a good distraction though as T-Flex, my favourite model from the set, stomps into the ring and lays on the smackdown!

T-Flex - Rumbleslam

T-Flex // Rumbleslam

T-Flex might have stubby little arms but they are incredibly hench all the same. Twin that with those big stompy legs and you've got a wrestler who is ready to take names in the ring. I reckon this is going to be a great collection of miniatures to paint up and have fun with Rumbleslam.

Are you playing a lot of Rumbleslam yourself?

"T-Flex might have stubby little arms but they are incredibly hench all the same..."

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