The Roman Army Marches Forth From Lucid Eye’s Collection

March 4, 2022 by brennon

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The Romans have been added to their wider Lucid Eye miniatures collection for you to use in Historical and Fantasy wargames on the tabletop. A bunch of the rank and files troops are now available for you to snap up.

Hastatus I - Lucid Eye

Hastatus I // Lucid Eye

Whilst these ranges haven't been specifically listed as being useful alongside the Ziggurat collection, I reckon these would be good foes for you to throw into the mix against a lot of those miniatures. I would imagine a lot of folks are going to be using these to make big, ranked up units.

Hastatus II - Lucid Eye

Hastatus II // Lucid Eye

There are repeat sculpts amongst the collection from Lucid Eye but I would imagine we're going to be seeing Lucid Eye produce various stances and poses for each unit as the range grows. The sculpts themselves are great, as you might have guessed from the folks at Lucid Eye and Steve Saleh.

Princeps I - Lucid Eye

Princeps I // Lucid Eye

As mentioned, the core of your infantry force are now catered for thanks to the new releases from Lucid Eye. It's a good job that I played a lot of ROME: Total War so I know what all of these names mean for the various units! It gets ingrained thanks to a voice-over actor shouting at you each time you select a unit.

My favourite would have to be the Triarius I.

Triarius I - Lucid Eye

Triarius I // Lucid Eye

I like that hunkered down and shielded stance, keeping an eye on advancing cavalry. I would imagine that this is going to be just the first set of releases for the forces of Rome. It would be neat to see some characters who could lead the way, especially for skirmish-level wargames.

Are you going to be checking out this range?

"It would be neat to see some characters who could lead the way, especially for skirmish-level wargames..."

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