Trouble Is Coming As John Constantine Appears At Knight Models

October 22, 2017 by dracs

Knight Models have revealed the next "hero" model they will be releasing none other than The World's Greatest Conman, The Laughing Magician, John Constantine.

John Constantine

John Constantine is a magician from Liverpool, who first appeared in Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing, before going on to feature in his own Hellblazer series.

He has since tricked, swindled, and manipulated everyone from gods to superheroes, all while sporting his signature dry wit.


The model definitely does this character justice. Brooding, with his trenchcoat flapping around him, the demonic shape rising from his Zippo lighter lets you know this is a man it might be wise not to cross, and perhaps even wiser not to ask for help.

I've made no secret that Constantine is my favourite DC character. I am extremely excited to see Knight releasing his model and am looking forward to seeing how well I can paint it up.

Which DC character are you hoping for the most?

"[Constantine] has tricked, swindled, and manipulated everyone from gods to superheroes..."

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