Defeat The Germs In New Game Trouble In Templetown

March 13, 2019 by dracs

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A new board game is coming to Kickstarter this year from the makers of 2Fat2Fly Games. Become the heroes of the immune system in Trouble in Templetown.

This game takes that old adage "Your body is a temple" rather literally, as one to four players take on the role of White Cell Super Agents to defend Templetown from attacking germs.

Not much has been revealed of the game as yet, but we know that it will allow for full cooperative, semi-cooperative, or solo play modes, as well as containing elements of hand management, point to point movement, and a point allowance system.

The art style of the game is particularly eye-catching. It seems to be some sort of mix between Men in Black and Osmosis Jones. It's very pulp sci-fi and hopefully suggests some fast moving gameplay.

Is this a game you will keep an eye out for?

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