TTCombat Ready Their Full Halfling Army For War On The Tabletop

August 6, 2020 by brennon

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TTCombat are going to make a lot of folks very happy with the addition of their full range of Halflings to their webstore this month. Pre-orders are available right now with many of the miniatures being available for general sale on 14th August.

Halfling Lord - TTCombat

Halfling Lord // TTCombat

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The collection is pretty impressive with a lot of the miniatures from their Kickstarter coming together into a big army which would be good to use across all manner of different wargames. You could uses these in Oathmark or Warlords Of Erehwon as an example but don't let that stop you going further afield if you like too.

You've got some good core characters in the mix including the Warlord up above and this Wizard who is mounted appropriately on the back of a goat.

Halfling Wizard On Goat - TTCombat

Halfling Wizard On Goat // TTCombat

The core of your army is also being catered too with the option to pick up sets like the Halfling Townsfolk here who have been raised from their underground homes in order to fight back against an invader or two.

Halfling Townsfolk - TTCombat

Halfling Townsfolk // TTCombat

I love that you've got a lot of very un-fighty looking Halflings in the mix here, effectively stumbling out of their homes in order to watch out for invaders. More martial options are available both on-foot and mounted including the likes of the Halfling Pig Riders here who are going to be both food and fond mount no doubt!

Halfling Pig Riders - TTCombat

Halfling Pig Riders // TTCombat

If you want something monstrous to give you a bit more oomph in battle then you can also pick up their Halfling Treemen as well. It always seems to be a staple of Halfling armies to include some of these ancient woodlands in their force. I like the idea that they made bargains with the forests not to turn them into farmland and so the trees are more than happy to help them fight.

Halfling Treemen - TTCombat

Halfling Treemen // TTCombat

This is just the start of what TTCombat have sorted out for people who want to dive in and make themselves a cool Halfling army. You can check it all out on the link at the top of this article including all manner of additional characters, troops and more.

Make sure to dive in and tell us what you think of these new miniatures!

"...tell us what you think of these new miniatures!"

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