TTCombat Outfit Your Dropfleet Commander Factions With Destroyers

April 17, 2018 by brennon

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Dropfleet Commander is officially ramping back up over the next few weeks and months and TTCombat has added some new Destroyers into the mix for the various factions.

UCM Destroyers - TTCombat

First up we have the UCM Destroyers which can be prepared as a Vancouver, Havana, and Kiev. You can mix and match throughout the group or keep them all the same. As well as that we have the PHR Destroyers...

PHR Destroyers - TTCombat

These PHR Destroyers are a lot more similar looking than the UCM ships we looked at above, but they can all be assembled as Electra, Ariadne, Jason, and Odysseus Destroyers.

We then move on towards the Scourge Destroyers who can be designed as a Succubus, Incubus, or as a Revenant.

Scourge Destroyers - TTCombat

Last but not least we have the Shaltari Destroyers...

Shaltari Destroyers - TTCombat

These can be run as a Chromium, Mercury, and Cobalt ship depending on your ideal fleet makeup. The collection is growing and Dave has been tinkering away for a long time on all manner of new projects. So, watch this space to see what gets added to the mix for Dropfleet Commander!

Which ships are your favourite?

"Dave has been tinkering away for a long time on all manner of new projects..."

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