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August 15, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat is on Kickstarter again looking to bring a new army to the tabletop or indeed multiple ones! Their Desert Of The Dead collection looks ready to tap into all sorts of creative ideas when building armies for the tabletop.

Desert Of The Dead - TTCombat

Some of the core elements of the project focus on the idea of making an army which is created using the shambling undead like you'll see above and below...

Exclusive Lord - TTCombat

Many of the other elements of the force are also included in the Mega Pledge which shows off a wide range of characters, troops, monsters and more. This is very much focused around the classic Tomb Kings look that we saw from Games Workshop for many years, expanding on it to create a new force for the likes of Warlords Of Erehwon.

Mega Pledge - TTCombat

However, the Mega Pledge above also highlights some of the other cool elements of this Kickstarter which could lead you to create different armies, warbands and more. As well as the shambling undead we also have the Halfling Sand Raiders!

Halfling Sand Raiders - TTCombat

With Halflings becoming more and more of a hot army in the world of Fantasy wargaming I think it's awesome that TTCombat has looked to include them in a different way. The collection here would be enough to make a small army that maybe has to fight against the traditional undead horde.

This is then built on when you also see the Elf army they have in the mix too.

Elf Battalion - TTCombat

Here we're seeing a force which again, takes an alternative stance on the idea of making Egyptian themed armies. There are lots of options available for this force too and it might work as a good counts-as Daughters Of Khaine force if you were so inclined to use them in Age Of Sigmar. I do like the idea of mixing things up and throwing traditionally European-based Fantasy races into other cultures and mythologies.

There is a lot more to get stuck into with this Kickstarter so make sure to go and check it out. They have been looking at lots of cool add-ons like Adventurers for your roleplaying games, characters for the likes of Carnevale and much more.

Are you tempted by some of these Desert Of The Dead options from TTCombat?

"There is a lot more to get stuck into with this Kickstarter so make sure to go and check it out..."

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