TTCombat’s Harlots & Fanatics Grace The Canals Of Carnevale

March 12, 2020 by brennon

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TTCombat has been showing off a couple of new miniature sets for the world of Carnevale which will go up for pre-order on Friday. Leading the way we have the Harlots from The House Of Virtue who are undertaking schemes within schemes!

The House Of Virtue - TTCombat

This set works as a gang in their own right and would be a really neat way to bring a themed collection to the canals of Venice. Leading the way for The House Of Virtue we have the Madame who works as more of a supporting character, issuing orders and keeping a close eye on those around her. She is also not a slouch in combat with a Garter Pistol and Stiletto in her possession.

Alongside her, you've also got the Harlots who are good at hiding in plain sight and making sure that they avoid danger before they suddenly strike at their opponents with deadly close-combat strikes. They are adept at avoiding ranged attacks and are then protected by the Escort (middle). She is very good at keeping her brothers and sisters safe from unwanted attention and you could easily find yourself thrown into the canal!

Finally, you've got the Dancer (the one who is dancing) who is a skilled performer and able to warn her kin of oncoming danger. She, and the rest of The House Of Virtue, are presented in a rather awesome way and they'd be great to add another splash of colour to the world of Carnevale.

Praise Dagon!

As well as the Harlots we've also got a band of Dagon Fanatics who are coming to support the church of their lord and all of its followers.

Dagon Fanatics - TTCombat

This is another awesome looking set which gives you all-new miniatures for the world of Carnevale. Each of them is a nice look at the diverse range of options available to someone diving into the game for the first time, especially Lovecraftian fans. The set is made up of two Urchins who are part human and part fish, able to dive into the canals and stab you in the back before you know what has happened!

In the middle, the Rashaar can now call on the aid of an Enforcer. She is big, brutal and able to absolutely smash anyone who gets in her way into a pulp. If you feel like your cult has been rumbled, send her in to do the dirty work!

At the front left of the image, you've also got the Handler who does what it says on the tin. When you've got massive monsters stomping around on the cobbles you need someone to control their rage. They don't tend to live very long but they do some sterling work whilst they are in the land of the living.

Finally, you've also got the Demagogue. She is another supporting character who has an inspiring aura and is able to push the other followers of Dagon into more inspiring feats. Oh, and apparently her staff is exceptionally hot allowing her to burn anyone who comes near her.

Are you tempted by these new models for Carnevale?

"If you feel like your cult has been rumbled, send her in to do the dirty work!"

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