TTCombat’s Rashaar Monsters Emerge To Take Over Carnevale

June 2, 2021 by brennon

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TTCombat has put together some new releases for those diving into the world of Carnevale. If you're a fan of the Rashaar and their eldritch plans then you might want to snap up the miniatures that are now available separately. There is also a BIG surprise.

Magi-Rashaar - Carnevale

Magi-Rashaar // Carnevale

The first of these miniatures that went up for pre-order is the deadly Magi-Rashaar. As one of the best mages in the game, the Magi-Rashaar can access some powerful spells from across the spectrum. If you're looking to weave the power of magic and dive into that side of things within Carnevale then this is the character for you.

Following up on the Magi-Rashaar, you've also got a set of the Lesser Ugdru who do the bidding of their twisted masters.

Lesser Ugdru - Carnevale

Lesser Ugdru // Carnevale

These particular creatures, as well as looking very Lovecraftian, are also a good heavy Henchman choice. They are almost as powerful as some of the hero choices that you find in other factions and they won't be stopped by the deep waters of the canals.

If you want to get a little weirder and twisted then you also have these strange figures, the Aglaopes.

Aglaopes - Carnevale

Aglaopes // Carnevale

Something of a Doctor Who villain set, this gives you a slightly less frontline choice when it comes to the Rashaar. The Aglaopes offer up less of a brutal combat option and instead bring more magic users into the mix for your games.

Lastly, we have a set of the Rashaar Slaves who have been dragged down into the darkness by the Rashaar. They are soon to become eternal minions of these eldritch beings.

Rashaar Slaves - Carnevale

Rashaar Slaves // Carnevale

As well as being a little bit of a speedbump for you to throw in front of your opponent, these Slaves also have another role on the tabletop. As the folks at TTCombat mentioned, if you're running a lot of toothy monsters then you'll want some food to keep them going. At least their suffering will be brief.

What A Big Snake You Have...

Talking of toothy monsters, here is the towering Morgraur which has managed to drag itself out of the canal to do battle.

Morgraur - Carnevale

Morgraur // Carnevale

This is the biggest of their new miniatures and is effectively as powerful as a whole gang. It is one of the deadliest miniatures in Carnevale and it can eat your characters whole if you're not careful. I think this monster would be absolutely amazing for a big multiplayer scenario. Have two gangs rushing around the streets of Venice as this towering beast looks to hunt them down and chomp them down!

Are you tempted by the Rashaar offerings from TTCombat?

"It is one of the deadliest miniatures in Carnevale and it can eat your characters whole if you're not careful..."

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