Two LOTR LCG Cycles Reimaged For Next Revised Expansion

March 23, 2022 by fcostin

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If you have been playing The Lord of the Rings the Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games and bought into the new Revised Edition - your next set of releases are on the horizon - as players are journeying up north to the snowy and terrifying lands of Anor and Angmar.

Angmar Awakened - The Lord of the Rings LCG

Angmar Awakened Expansions // The Lord of the Rings The Card Game

Now, these releases may already be available and out there into the wild, as these releases are a combination of two cycles - The Lost Realm and the original Angmar Awakened cycle.

Players can now dip into two choices up ahead in their adventures. Whether they want to enlist a ton of heroes and allies for the adventure or run straight through into some story-driven, quest-filled campaign.

Hero Expansion - Angmar Awakened

Hero Expansion // Angmar Awakened

The Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion is for the deck builders out there. Making your way across Middle Earth is no easy feat, therefore you are going to need some solid heroes on your team to make the task slightly less disturbing.

Heroes - Angmar Awakened

Hero Cards // Angmar Awakened

Adding heroes such as Arwen Undómiel, Aragorn and Merry to the mix, players will be provided a series of new allies, items and side quests that prove beneficial to the player and heroes if completed. Arwen Undómiel is consistently in my fellowship and plays a solid role in my team, and proves continuously useful in play.

Campaign Expansion - Angmar Awakened

Campaign Expansion // Angmar Awakened

The new Campaign Expansion brings players a journey of nine scenarios through The Lost Realm and Angmar Awakened cycles. Players will be helping out the Dúnedain through a series of quests, as they slash their way through Wraith, Goblin and Orc to push forward through the dark and grim lands of the north.

Similar to the themes of Escape from Dol Guldor in the Core Set, players will be facing the wrath of the dark lord facing goblin imprisonment and a story which develops from the core set.

Campaign - Angmar Awakened

Campaign Cards // Angmar Awakened

If you are concerned that you have bought into these cycles before and are missing out on some new content. Alike the Revised Edition, there will be a few additions to campaigns that will be available to print and play when the expansions have been released in retail. So alike how we saw the newer campaign cards in the Revised Core Set - these will be inside the Campaign Expansion too.

Personally, I really like this new layout for new players. Their whole cycle is provided in front of them, rather than dipping into smaller adventure packs here and there. It streamlines the journey, and allows players to pick and choose whether they want to continue ahead with the deck they have by tapping into just campaign or to build a deck suitable to take on the woes of Middle-earth.

It is certainly interesting seeing Fantasy Flight follow suit with The Lord of the Rings The Card Game next to Arkham Horror. They seem to have been given a similar streamlined experience - which really does work well for new entrants into the game.  However, given that the prices are listed as 69.99 USD for the Campaign Expansion 44.99 USD for the Hero Exansion, this is going to be a harder one time hit, rather than £10 each time you want a new adventure with heroes.

Both Angmar Awakened Campaign and Hero Expansions will be available this Summer, now hitting pre-order online and ad FLGS stores.

What do you think of the new release format? 

"Players are journeying up north to the snowy and terrifying lands of Anor and Angmar..."

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