Looking Ahead At Two Oathmark Expansions For 2020!

March 3, 2020 by brennon

Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age is yet to release from Osprey with a focus on April being the time that you'll be able to dive into this new Fantasy mass battle game. However, plans already seem to be afoot for not one but two expansions for 2020. We start with Battlesworn.

Battlesworn - Osprey Games

In Battlesworn we're seeing mighty champions come to the fore...

"In the horror and chaos of battle, the outcome can often hang on the briefest of moments. It is at these times that the actions of one unit can make the difference between victory and defeat. Wise kings know this, and realize that it is often prudent to hold their best units back until they can make the greatest difference.

These elite units, called the 'battlesworn', are more than just powerful combatants, they are symbols of the glory and honour of a kingdom. All young warriors hope to one-day join their ranks and add their oathmarks beside those legendary fighters."

What this means in gameplay terms is that you will be able to add more elite units into your armies and chart their progress from battle-to-battle, much like with the regular campaign rules. As well as your Kingdom growing and your story unfolding you'll also be able to get more personal with your own heroic individuals and warbands. This means that you'll be following their victories as well as their defeats and it will all tie into a new campaign structure which features new scenarios. This sounds a lot of fun!

Dark Magic

As well as Battlsworn we've also got another expansion which also popped up on Amazon recently. This is Oathbreakers (the image for this is way too small so we'll go with the text)!

"Dark necromancers have laid claim to forsaken kingdoms and summoned forth the souls of those who defiled their oathmarks. The dead, once again, march to war. As armies of wraiths and skeletal warriors bring destruction to their lands, the small kingdoms of the Marches also turn to the spirits of the dead.

Gathering the most ancient and powerful of oathmarks, they recall the spectral forms of those that died in loyal battle to once again come forth in defence of their kingdoms. With these ethereal warriors joining their ranks, the kings of the Marches may yet stand."

This seems like it's going to be getting deeper into the use of dark magic and the forces of the Undead in your games. As Oathmark is a game which is not hindered by factions it seems like everyone is going to be able to start adding the unquiet dead into their ranks.

As well as the option to call on the spirits you'll also find more rules for characters in this book which will begin to chart how they change between battles. Again, this all folds into new campaign and scenarios features which help you tell new stories.

All of this sounds like a really fun way to build new content into the game and I don't mind saying, I'm pretty taken by Oathmark! I also like that new units and factions can be taken by anyone meaning that if something fun and deadly comes out, everyone gets access to it!

Are you tempted by Oathmark knowing more content is just around the corner?

"Are you tempted by Oathmark knowing more content is just around the corner?"

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