Unleash Monstrous New Corpse Beasts Into Carnevale!

September 8, 2023 by brennon

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The corpses Carnevale are slinking out of the waters of the canal and stalking the streets of Venice! A new set, the Subaqueous Beasts, is now available to snap up this weekend from the folks at TTCombat.

Gondolier - Carnevale

Gondolier // Carnevale

Leading the way is the creepy Gondolier, a ferryman who shepherds the strange and twisted creatures of Carnevale through the city. The Gondolier is joined by two sets of terrible creatures, the Leech and the Rotter.

Subaqueous Beasts - Carnevale

Subaqueous Beasts // Carnevale

The Leech are creatures with gaping maws and thousands of teeth that can drain the life from those that they clamp on to. The Rotters are festering and decaying Rashaar that can withstand the blows of many a weapon. Therefore, they won't be easy to stop as they lumber forward in a berserk fury to eat your face!

Corpse Gondola is the handy piece of kit that the Gondolier can get their hands on separately.

Corpse Gondola - Carnevale

Corpse Gondola // Carnevale

This is a great way for you to ferry the dead through the canals of Venice and perhaps give you a good starting point from which to launch your next attack. Uses this as a nice way to get your Strigoi from place to place or perhaps set it up as a good spot for a one on one duel. I could see something swashbuckling happening onboard. Just watch out for the water as if you fall in, you're probably not getting out!

A fun set of new 32mm miniatures plus a good terrain piece and/or important objective for you to use in your games.

Are you someone who is exploring Carnevale right now?

"The Gondolier is joined by two sets of terrible creatures, the Leech and the Rotter..."

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