Snap Up Unreleased Miniatures Dwarven Adventurers!

October 29, 2020 by brennon

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Unreleased Miniatures has now released a set of 28mm Dwarven Adventurers for you to use in your roleplaying and skirmish games. The collection looks to hit all the right Fantasy RPG buttons and they can either be snapped up as a full collection or individually.

Dwarf Adventurers Set - Unreleased Miniatures

Dwarf Adventurers Set // Unreleased Miniatures

As you can see above, the team has managed to cover pretty much every career choice from Dungeons & Dragons here. You've got Wizards, Rogues, Bards, Clerics, Barbarians, Fighters, Ranger and more included as part of this little collection. It is a shame that we don't have any female Dwarves in this collection but maybe that's something they'll remedy in the future.

I did want to pick out just two of the miniatures which caught my eye though. The first was the Dwarf Bard...

Dwarf Bard - Unreleased Miniatures

Dwarf Bard // Unreleased Miniatures

I like the idea of a Dwarf Bard as they are already pretty bawdy individuals in classic Fantasy anyway. They also like to do a bit of singing if Tolkien is anything to go by. You could have a lot of fun playing a Dwarf Bard who flits between being exceptionally morose as he tells tales of his kinsmen and then happy as larry when he's bellowing out a song about a some avaricious noble.

I also thought it would be fun to roleplay as a Dwarf Monk too.

Dwarf Monk - Unreleased Miniatures

Dwarf Monk // Unreleased Miniatures

Here, you'd tap into the very nature of the Dwarves and their relationship with stone. I like the idea that they're not swirling and twirling around like a dancer but instead are very slow and purposeful with their moves. There are plenty of punches which are centred and focused, all the while keeping their feet on the ground and embracing that "stong as stone" mentality. Think Earth Benders from Avatar!

There is much more to explore here so make sure to dive in and tell us which one is your favourite! 

"I like the idea of a Dwarf Bard as they are already pretty bawdy individuals in classic Fantasy anyway..."

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