Spider-Man Marvel Champions Expansion News – Sinister Motives!

December 3, 2021 by fcostin

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Marvel Champions: The Card Game fans will have found their way through the campaign of Mad Titan’s Shadow taking down Thanos triumphantly, and potentially drifted to the Streets of New York to take down The Hood and his mighty band of vigilantes.

Sinister Motives - Image One

Sinister Motives Expansion // Marvel Champions: The Card Game

The next upcoming expansion has been revealed, entitled Sinister Motives with a Spidey-centric deck and with some big city villains looking for Spider-Man And Ghost-Spider to step up for duty.

Two new heroes are stepping up to the challenge, and although I mentioned Spider-Man, it does not mean Peter Parker! Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider are stepping up the plate against several Spidey villains including Venom, Sandman, Mysterio, and the Sinister Six for the fourth campaign boxed set for Marvel Champions.

Sinister Motives - Cards

Hero Card Previews // Sinister Motives Expansion

As two new heroes join the roster, they will receive two new pre-made hero decks to allow the battle to be pulled out of the box and played straight onto the table.

I am a huge advocate of Miles. There are only so many times that Uncle Ben can die and be resurrected again. Let him have peace! It’s Miles’ time to shine!

The main villain however has not been announced - although I am quite happy with Venom! Fantasy Flight have stated that players will need to "combine the abilities of two quintessential Spider-Man villains." to get the main boss. There is no Carnage on the list… No Green Goblin! We shall wait and see!

For more information on the cards and abilities, be sure to visit the announcement on Fantasy Flight Games.

Who do you think the main Spidey-centric villain coming for Marvel Champions might be? 

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