Victor The Kurgan Claims The Quickening In The Highlander Board Game

December 31, 2017 by dracs

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The enemy of the Highlander has appeared at River Horse Games and is ready to start lopping off heads. Flee from Victor the Kurgan.

Victor The Kurgan

The Kurgan is a vicious killer, one who revels in war and slaughter. An ancient warrior, he lives for the days of the Gathering and seeks to claim the final Prize for his own.


According to River Horse, the Kurgan isn't the sort to favour subtle play. His great power makes him difficult to touch in the early stages of the game, and his Quickening ability helps as the end approaches. However, his lack of other skills will make it very difficult for him to upgrade as the game goes on.

Which immortal do you most want to see in the game?

"A vicious killer, one who revels in war and slaughter."

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