Victrix Rank Up New Western & Eastern Roman Archers

September 29, 2021 by brennon

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Victrix Limited has been showing off some more Historical miniatures which are coming to the tabletop soon for your Ancient wargames. Roman Archers are forming up behind ranks and ranks of Legionaries to rain down death on their foes.

Roman Archers - Victrix

Roman Archers // Victrix

This particular kit is going to come with options for making both Western and Eastern Archers. The split allows you to make twenty-four archers which then break down into two twelve-man regiments. Each of them come armed with recurve composite bows and an array of different quivers to match the units from either end of the empire.

Western Roman Archers - Victrix

Western Roman Archers // Victrix

The Western Roman Archers are named as such to represent the auxiliary raised away from Syria and were dropped into the army as it marched across Europe and beyond. On the Eastern side of things, we have soldiers who were raised in Syria as noted above. Whilst they have a different style of dress they shouldn't look out of place in a Western setting.

Eastern Roman Archers - Victrix

Eastern Roman Archers // Victrix

This style of archer could be found in the wars around Dacia and as far north as Hadrian's Wall! I think these look great and I like that Victrix has taken the time to create a set that gives you a more traditional looking set of Roman Archers and something a bit atypical that you don't see very much.

Which of the two styles of archer do you prefer?

"This style of archer could be found in the wars around Dacia and as far north as Hadrian's Wall!"

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