Join A Viking In The Sun With New Lion Rampant Rules

September 10, 2021 by brennon

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Daniel Mersey and the University of Edinburgh have been working together on a new set of rules for Lion Rampant which is going to be releasing at the end of September. Pre-orders are available now in many places including North Star Military Figures. Join Harald Hardrada on his journeys with A Viking In The Sun.

Lion Rampant A Viking In The Sun - University Of Edinburgh

Lion Rampant: A Viking In The Sun // University Of Edinburgh

This expansion to Lion Rampant expands on the Medieval wargaming rules of the original book and instead follows the adventures of Hardrada in the Mediterranean. You'll find rules within that cover his time as part of the Varangian Guard, his campaigns in Upper Mesopotamia, Palestine, the Agean Sea, Southern Italy and the Balkans. This guy got everywhere!

This book is packed with historical information for the period alongside new upgrades and tactics for your armies. You'll also find three mini-campaigns that are based on both the Norse Sagas and the Mediterreanean Chronicles.

Whilst the focus is on Harald and the Varangians, there are also rules for five different armies too. You also have access to the Muslim Powers, Byzantines, Normans, Lombards and the Byzantine Italian Principalities. You'll also find alternative leaders that you can use to tell different tales.

This looks really good fun and looks at the Vikings in a different light. No trudging through the snow here. It's deserts and glittering blue-green seas for Harald! Talking of Harald, North Star has dragged an old miniature from the archives by Crusader Miniatures to offer as a limited edition option for this month only.

Limited Edition Harald Hardrada - Crusader Miniatures

Limited Edition Harald Hardrada // Crusader Miniatures

This is an old miniature sculpted by Mark Sims which has returned to the tabletop in metal. It was originally designed for an old Warhammer Historical supplement! There are plenty of variants of Harald out there so pick and choose the one you want of course.

Are you going to be picking these rules up?

"It's deserts and glittering blue-green seas for Harald!"

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